Joy, happiness and trophy by Wasim Akram

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Joy, happiness and trophy by Wasim Akram

Was standing on a platform and observed few small school kids coming towards me with trophy 👍! Their joy ,happiness and the trophy in their hands brought curiosity in me to stop them and ask about it and when I asked them they were all happy and answered me with a joy that they won in a school race competition and I took opportunity to click a pick and I wished to do something but at that Moment I saw ice-cream guy so I called him to give ice creams to them and had a wonderful chat with them and it made me realise while chatting that they have so much to do for them and the talent in them but the culture and decorum and discipline in sports activities and even in general education is very poor on a standard level of school in general which are not like public school or high budget school ! I wish at-least proper sports and other opportunities and facilities must be provided on a good level to all government to other schools where other high quality facilities are not available but such sports and other curriculum activities must be provided with good facilities at-least and proper guidance for their bright future so that they can excel In such fields because talent is talent it has nothing to do with poor or rich it just need proper Chanel to excel ! 👍👍👍🙏🏼⚽️⚽️⚽️

Wasim Akram,

3oth January 2016, Delhi

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