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Joy, happiness and trophy by Wasim Akram

Was standing on a platform and observed few small school kids coming towards me with trophy 👍! Their joy ,happiness and the trophy in their hands brought curiosity in me to stop them and ask about it and when I asked them they were all happy and answered me with a joy that they won […]

Hemis Festival

When: 26th – 27th June 2016 Where: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir Ladakh is immersed in festivities of one kind or the other all throughout the month of June, which is quite evident as the name of Ladakh has appeared for the third time on this list. Coincidence or not, it is a place to be […]

Sindhu Darshan Festival

Venue: Shey Manla Start Date: 1st June 2016 End Date: 3rd June 2016 Sindhu Darshan Festival is a festival of India held every year on full moon day (on Guru Purnima) in month of June. It is held at Leh, in Ladakh District of Jammu & Kashmir. It stretches for three days. It was first started in […]

Nalanda Shiksha series – Teaching with His Holiness The Dalai Lama for Indian Sangha

Nalanda Shiksha is an informal collective of Indian Buddhist Sanghas. Each year since 2012, these teachings by His Holiness have been organised in Dharamsala, Bombay, Sankisa (U.P.), and we are grateful to His Holiness for his kindness in once again accepting to teach in 2016. His Holiness will base his teachings this year on the […]

Finding happiness in little things by Wasim Akram

My lovely friend BHAGWATI JI ! Just came back from Leh and was in kamlanagar and met my friend BHAGWATI JI. Guess what, she is better and happy and healthy and not sick as before. Usually she complains me about her problems and today she offered me a tea and showed her hair that she […]