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Mustafa did the unbelievable; he used his toes to write the II PU exams

Getting 80 per cent in II PU may not be a remarkable feat today, but it is extraordinary indeed when it has been achieved by a student without both hands. Writing with his toes, Mustafa emerged the topper in Veerashaiva College near Ballari city. Son of Dasgir Sab, a lorry driver, and Maqbul Banu of […]

To Offer Free Meals To The Poor, This Billionaire Man Sold Almost All His Properties

You will not Believe what this Chandigarh man did when he ran out of money to serve the poor !!! To Offer Free Meals To The Poor, This Billionaire Man Sold Almost All His Properties At 1 pm everyone stands in a queue for “baba’s langar” in front of PGI and the Government Medical College […]

Pocket Money Pet Care

Whilst most young children would probably spend their pocket money on pick ‘n’ mix sweets, one young boy from the Philippines decided to pull his money together to feed stray dogs in his neighbourhood! Nine-year-old Ken Amante became an internet sensation after his story went viral and it wasn’t long before donations from across the […]


The happiest moment of my life is when I see my patients, the burn victims, smiling. I have been working for girls who are burned through acid and kerosene oil by their families and relatives. One of the girls was burned only because she gave birth to a baby girl; its so cruel! I have […]

For Your Thousand Rupee Shoe, Women Workers In Tamil Nadu Are Paid Only Rs 5

Imagine a middle aged woman in a rural household in India who cannot step out of her house due to domestic chores, getting up at the crack of dawn to cook and clean and going to bed past midnight. She has to take care of her husband, her children and is the traditional caretaker of […]

Mind Boggling Stories : Rickshaw Puller by RASHMI RAM

Peddling a rickshaw to finance poor students: Mr. Bai Fang Li touched the people of China In  1987, a 74-year old rickshaw puller by the name of Bai Fangli came back  to his hometown planning to retire from his backbreaking job. There, he  saw children working in the fields, because they were too poor to  […]

Hum Khud Yahan Bhukhe So Sakte Hain Lekin Ghar Walo Ko Toh Khali Pet Sota Nahin Dekh Sakte

I along with some of my friends have been to Mysore recently for site-seeing. While returning from our wonderful trip, we all were hungry when we reached Mysore Railway Station to catch our train for Bangalore. We had spent more than our estimated budget and realised that we were almost out of money, thankfully tickets […]

Reminiscing the days I fully lived by Wangchuk Namgail single moment of our life is so important and should be lived as mindfully as possible but, it sadly doesn’t happen with us most of the time. We tend to either think about the previous moment or the future moment rather than living the present moment consequently missing the rather important part of the […]

Points of Interest at Leh.

1. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa Location: 4.6km via Khardung Lha road from Leh city Significance: Built by King Tashi Namgyal to mark his respect to Buddhism. Timing: 7.00 am – 9.00 am & 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm. Founded in early 15th century, Namgyal Tsemo monastery/gompa in Leh is renowned for its three-storey high solid gold […]

Pahmina – Cashmere Wool

Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. The wool comes from four distinct breeds of the Cashmere goat; namely the Changthangi goat from the Changthang plateau in Ladakh region, the Malra from Kargil area in Kashmir region, the Chegu from Himachal Pradesh in northern India, and Chyangara or Nepalese Pashmina goat from Nepal. They […]