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Our Projects

A set of ambitious projects have been undertaken by the Alphonso Club with the vision to make the resources available to everyone and which we aim on achieving in the coming few months of summer 2016;

Library cum Book Shop
Multi Purpose Hall
Store Room

The most immediate project that we are currently working on is to open up an office in Leh, which we hope will be accomplished this summer. Our office will not just be a work place but much more; we plan on developing it as a space for people to interact and share ideas. We will be holding lecture/talks and movie screenings, with coffee shop and a gift counter. So this summer if you happen to be in Leh, do drop by to say hello (address will be provided as soon as we sort out the location details)

Our NGO has been working since many years but now to have a more concrete form we have come up with ‘Alphonso Club’  to built a positive and supportive community around and to work independently to cover the minimal financial resource needed for any NGO  to function smoothly for its cause.

Project 1 : Website alphonsoclub.com : Our website www.alphonsoclub.com and Our office Project in Leh are the sources to making this dream come true. The website provides platform for everyone to sign up and create one’s own profile, create community groups, write forum and blogs. It also updates you on all of a the major upcoming events of all associated computerNGO’s and group so that one would never miss any new upcoming program. One could also share important news, upcoming events, write blogs etc. The other parts of the website are the online and offline store, tour and travel packages (currently only Ladakh) , hotels and guest house booking (currently only Ladakh), creating graphic design and website for businesses, NGOs, schools etc and Alphonso Club also assists in Event Management, Interior designing and Branding. We are a collective of 9 main administrators, 94 Executive members, 543 Members and Volunteers and 2203 subscribers and 10983 members on social media. We are invite students for summer internship  and to bring their innovation and new ideas . All the income generated will be directed towards activities and projects aimed at welfare of others.

office-1Project 2, Our Office Project : We are setting up a permanent Office  with Multi purpose hall in Old Town Leh, which would have  the capacity of 40 people, an office space, a guest room, a cafe and a store room. There will be movie screening every Saturdays, Talks every Sunday, Bothi (Ladakhi) writing and reading classes twice a week, design and internship program, workshops and many other activities. A second  of permanent office in New Delhi in Majnu ka Tilla with a cafe and pure veg  restaurant shall be set up there after sooner this December 2016.


Note1 : We are currently operating this project primarily from the earnings of service we provided on the website. So this way both these two projects 1 and 2 are mutually very much dependent. We request you to join, share, refer this website for the successful completion of our Project 2

Note 2: We are also looking for investors. Your investment would be spent in the project 1 & 2 and in return we could provide you the service you need for your business.

Note 3: You can also make donations to our NGOs 1. Flowering Dharma Center and Confluence to carry out their activities or directly to Alphonso Club for it’s project 2.

Note 4 : Students can help by volunteering with us, joining the club and by joining the internship program.