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Flowering Dharma

Flowering Dharma Centre: Youth organization for Ethics, Culture and Inner Change

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Flowering Dharma Centre is an organization that envisions instilling the virtues of ethics and morality, for the benefit of oneself and others. It was founded on 9th of February 2009 by the Ladakhi students studying in various colleges and universities in Delhi. The objective being ‘bringing about an inner change’ in oneself & others, with the prime focus on the youth by introducing and exposing to the various philosophical backgrounds, study and reflection in the areas of convergence and divergence between these philosophical stances and modern science lends a good hand in nourishing a healthy mind with its roots in wisdom and compassion. As a centre for the study of classical Indian wisdom traditions, our prime objectives are;

  1. Preserving Nalanda Tradition
  2. Inter-Faith Harmony
  3. Educating the Hearts and Minds
  4. Preserving Ladakhi Culture and Tradition
  5. Study the convergence of Philosophy and Modern Science

With the core vision of recreating the spirit of Nalanda, a great university of ancient India in which all traditions of Buddhism were studied and practiced, alongside other schools of classical Indian philosophy (NyayaVaisheshikaSamkhyaYogaMīmāṃsāVedantaJainBuddhist and Cārvāka), arts and sciences, Flowering Dharma Centre works under the guidance of;

  • His Eminence the 9th Kyabje Choegon Rinpoche Tenzin Chokyi Gyatso
  • Ven. Geshe Dorji Damdul, Director, Tibet House, Cultural Centre of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Delhi
  • Ven. Geshe Konchok Wangdu, Director, Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh 

Various other supporters and well wishers have also contributed immensely for every project that we carried on. Their contribution has been immensely precious and a great source of inspiration and motivation. It has members from all over the world. It has worked in collaboration with Tibet House, Cultural Centre of H.H the Dalai Lama, University of Delhi, Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Deer Park Institute, Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation and so forth.

What we do?

With the aspiration of applying compassion and wisdom traditions in the activities of the Centre, we organize various events, such as;

  1. Outstation Programmes
  2. Certificate Courses
  3. Exposure Tours
  4. Seminars
  5. Guest Lectures
  6. Cup Talks
  7. Fundraising Programmes (Alphonso Club)
  8. Volunteerism