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Alphonso Club is a community of like-minded friends and family, there to help people find a platform to connect and establish a bond. It’s primary aim is to provide a space to share, learn, grow and ultimately to help each other, in working towards creation of a peaceful community, “one global nation” and  protecting the environment along with safeguarding the animal rights, in association with the Flowering Dharma Centre, Confluence, other organizations or independently.

For any given NGO to sustain it requires to fulfill  following criteria:

  • A clearly laid out objective view, aim, path and strategy
  • Support of  the people
  • Financial resource, work area and platform.

Our NGO has been in operation for many years but to have a more concretized form we have come up with ‘Alphonso Club’  to build a Positive and Supportive community around and to work independently to cover the minimal financial resource needed for any NGO to function smoothly for its cause.


Project 1 :Our website and Our office Project in Leh are the sources to making this dream come true. The website provides platform for everyone to signup and create one’s own profile, create community groups, write forum and blogs. It also updates you on all of major upcoming events of all the associated NGO’s and group so that one would never miss any new upcoming program. One could also share important news, upcoming events, write blogs etc. The other part of the website is dedicated to the online and offline store, tour and travel packages (currently only Ladakh) , hotel and guest house booking (currently only Ladakh), graphic and website designing for businesses, NGOs, schools etc and finally Alphonso Club does also assist in Event Management, Interior designing and Branding. We are collective of  9 main administrators, 94 Executive members, 543 Members and Volunteers and 2203 subscribers and 10983 members on social media. We invite students for summer internship program to bring their innovation and new ideas. All the proceedings will go towards the activities and projects aimed towards welfare of others.

Project 2, Our Office Project :For Office we have opted for a building built in Traditional Ladakhi architecture in Old Town Leh which has a small hall with the capacity of 40 people, an office space, a guest room, a Cafe and a store room. There will be movie screening every Saturdays, Talks  on Sundays,  Bothi (Ladakhi)  writing and reading classes twice a week, design and internship program, workshops and many other activities. The second permanent office is planned to be set up in New Delhi in Majnu ka Tilla with a cafe and pure veg  restaurant. This project is expected to be completed by the end of December 2016.


The idea of sowing the seed of “Alphonso Club” was conceived during a study program on Psychology led by Ven. Geshe Dorji Damdul in Deer Park Institute, Bir, more>> from 5th to 13th April 2016. A total of 140 participants from different parts of the world attended this program, in which 30 were students from Delhi and Jammu.

Geshe La in his lecture stated the example of Alphonso Mango tree, how it needed protection of a fence, when it is a small sapling, but the same sapling once grown into a tree provides shade and protection to others. Similarly a person on the path to become a genuine human being needs the support of friends & community/Sangha to grow but once grown just like the tree, that person can be of help and support many others.

Hence the “Alphonso Club” represents the Sangha, and we welcome everybody willing to be a part of our family.

Apart from being this awesome community, we also offer other services

  • Travel: You can travel with us to the mesmerizing and mystical region of Ladakh. A place like nowhere else. For decades Ladakh has been enticing people from all around the world with its colorful culture, history, people and ever so spell bounding landscape. Ladakh has so much to offer. So come and experience Ladakh with us. It will be a trip to remember! more>>
  • Stay in Ladakh: When in Ladakh , you need not worry about finding a hotel or a guest house. We offer you comfortable, cozy, clean and affordable staying options. To make your time in Ladakh, a memorable one. more>>
  • Website Designing: Duo Design, a freelance web designing company, assures you to help you with all your web designing needs and queries. Duo Design can assist you in creating a website for yourself/ business/institution and so on with many attractive features customized to your needs and requirements. more>>
  • Shopping: You can even purchase products like Pure Ladakhi Pashmina Shawls, antiques, authentic Ladakhi Handloom & Handicrafts,…………. From our store and online as well.* more>>
  • Management & Branding

*part of the earnings will be utilized to sustain Flowering Dharma Centre, Confluence and its various activities.